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😰 The case of the missing field ...

Its been a while, since I actually had to deal with on-premises SharePoint Farm … although im spent so many years with the platform, im still amazed on how you keep learning … with “legacy” systems. 😁

Recently, I’ve came across a strange behavior in a SharePoint 2016 farm : modified dates for sites, lists, libraries are more recent than expected when no updates were made by users …

In fact, it seems that the value in the ItemLastModifiedDate field, was showing user updates also by internal system operations.

Last time i check in SharePoint Online, there is a LastItemUserModifiedDate field with a timestamp that reflects changes made by users …

… wonder whats the value there in the 2016 platform …

Field doesn’t exist … ??? Hum?

Surprisingly, this is a expected behavior for SharePoint 2016 and prior versions . 😶

LastItemUserModifiedDate was only introduced with SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Online, meaning on previous version, changes made by users and made by the platform fall over this field.

#didn’t knew that

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