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Scoutman's Swiss Army Knife

The Scoutmans Swiss Army Knife is a Windows Desktop app that lives happy on the Windows systray.

It is a Windows Forms “ShortCut” builder tool where we can address direct links to files, folders, scripts (PNP Script Samples also!) and browser Profiles.

Excelsior, hum ? :P


As a consultant, i’ve been “collecting” a lot of tools, scripts, files, technical stuff along the way.
I always had the need, to access all of those assets more promptly, so this tool was born. Not rocket science but it fits my need.

Current release is a portable app version (no setup), it can be installed as a startup app and it is accessed through windows systray.

Main idea : build ShortCuts and\or CmdLine snippets that we can be easily trigger with a click of a button.

Through the years it grown to allow Cmdlines scripts in batch, node , powershell 5.1 and powershell core .

Most recent added features are, options to Import all PnP Script Samples and Import Browser Profiles.
I also added an " Eggxamples " import option : self explanatory examples on shortcuts and cmdlines

Again, not rocket science , but it works .

It was build for personal use, the only client that has access to it, is very happy and it is using it … every day! (“client” aka me!)

Challenged by a couple of friends\clients on open sourcing some of my tools\widgets\scripts , I’ll start by “open sourcing” this one. A blue bird told me that, this can be useful for the general community.

Hope it will. :D

Feel free to use it…

… and drop me a message if you think this is useful .

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